How To Reconnect Stereo To Fuse Box

Sep 3, 2021
Nashville, TN
I am currently installing a new stereo on my 1985 FJ60. I spliced all the wires from the harness into the factory wires. (Matched colors together, hopefully that's right). Plugged it in but nothing came on. Then I went to the fuse box and found that this mess of wires isn't plugged in to the fuse box. How do I plug it in? Am I missing something else? This is my first time trying anything electrical on the truck so please excuse any ignorance.

Let me know if I should just take it to a professional.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



Sep 1, 2003
I think we will need more information. The radio you are replacing is most likely aftermarket (not original), correct? Was it working before? There was a connector for the Toyota Radio (it looks like the factory power connector would have 4 wires going to) and there may be a second connector for factory speakers. The factory connector for power should already have a fused source (via cigar lighter). Your new radio will have features that require unswitched (always on) power for the clock, memory, etc. and it may have wires to control an automatic antenna (which you probably don't need to use). So this will have to be sorted out.

If you can find a competent professions, this might be a good way for you to go. However, I think a lot of stuff today is more standardized/plug and play or at least there may be jumpers available for various cars. your '60 series is old enough that this is probably not an option, so you would want a professional that can sort it out.

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