How to recognize "Tow Package" ?

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Sep 20, 2003
While looking for 80s and 100s, I saw many times the term "tow package". Now, this may mean the real thing or just a trailer hitch bolted on, in many people's mind.
Q: did the true "tow package" by Toyota include some sort of oil or trans fluid cooler?
If so, where is this cooler?
I have seen a smallish radiator in front of the main one, on the DS for the 100, but did not know whether that was for oil, trans, HVAC, or what.
So, how can I readily tell if there is indeed a tow cooler?
All US 80s had the mechanicals added to tow (coolers). The tow kit then consisted of the hitch itself and taillight wiring.

did you mean the standard 80 truck already had trans cooler built in, even if it came without a trailer hitch? If so, where is this cooler?
what about 100s?
Yes all US spec 80's had the cooler, i forget if it's in the rad or infront of the rad. Hitchs were port or dealer installed, some may have come with from the factory....I forget. But yes all 80's have the "tow Package"


You can get some good information that has been asked and answered in the past by doing a Search function. In this case, use the term "Towing Package", do an "advanced" search of the 80/100 section. Expand the number of days and the number of returned results.

Here is a comprehensive discussion of the towing package on all of the 80s built for the North American market.

The trans cooler is mounted in front of the radiator in the DS (small looking radiator). You can trace the fluid lines from the cooler back to the tranny.

Wayne S
BW, thanks for the gentle reminder. I apologize, I forgot to do the search as I was in a hurry. I just did it again now, but I did not find anything about 100s.
what's the situation with the 100s? Same as 80s?
my 96 has a hitch with a toyota p/n :D

doug(shameless post pad)
OK, so nobody knows if all the US 100s came with an additional trans oil cooler -as the 80s apparently did?

Alternatively, if there is an external smallish radiator in front of the main one, is it then likely to assume that this is the trans cooler?

>> Alternatively, if there is an external smallish radiator in front of the main one, is it then likely to assume that this is the trans cooler? <<

Yes, especially if there are lines going to and from the tranny. :D

dang, I wondered while writing all this whether I should bring that line issue up. Decided not to, but here goes: the idea was to ask the seller by phone to look and see if there is a small rad there but I can't see her/him going under and following lines everywhere...
Also had the impression that the lines may go to the cooler built in the main rad which makes it even more complicated...
Anyways, this is all because this LC has an aftermarket lower-rated trailer hitch and I would like to be reasonably sure the thing as a trans cooler since I'll do some towing...
(out of breath...)

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