How to polish rear lenses?

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Dec 18, 2011
On my new 60 the tail light lens are foggy/hazy. Is there a way of polishing them, or do I have to replace them? I'm going with LED 'bulbs' so I want crisp and clear lenses.

Thanks in advanve for any help:beer:
I polished mine with the buffer when I polished my truck a few weeks ago. Plastic responds well to fine polishes and low speed. You can do them by hand with the polish they sell for convertible plastic windows, or some of the final stage polishes from Meguires.

And yes, polishing my truck was stupid. The following week I went wheeling and now it's got boonie pinstripes again... :eek:
I have used the Meguiar's Plastx cleaner & polish with good results. A 3M foam pad on low speed drill works best but you can do it by hand also.
Hi, 3m plastic polish makes them look new. Mike
Did all my 80 plastic lenses w the 3m kit and they look great. Not worth buying new ones.


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