How to new check tire clearance properly?

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Aug 2, 2004
San Francisco Bay Area
This seem obvious but didn't see any specific threads on the subject. I am getting new tires (35x12.5) and want to make sure I have enough clearance before I get on the trail. I am running OME springs and shackles with long Add a leafs in the front and also a 1" body lift. I definitely have more room then a lot of people running 33's. I am going for the Dunlop Radial Mud Rover since they are the smallest spec. 35" tire I can find. Dunlop specifies the diameter to be 34.1" (talk about rounding up). This seems like a good option if you want 34's. Interco is the only company I know that makes a 34" tire.

The rear seem easy to test the clearance by unloosing the sway bar if I had one and use a ramp or jacking up one tire at a time until the axle hits the bump stop. The front would be the same except check steering clearance too while at full articulation.

I would like to be able to do it at the tire store before I leave with the tire so if there is a problem then I can go smaller.:frown: Also could measure before the shop with my 32's and measure how much room I have now.

So any tricks you have found or advise? I am not ready to bust out the torch and cut anything yet.
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i have a similar setup with BFG MT 35's and OME Heavy Heavy's and a 1.25" body lift, and 3.75 offset wheels.

i Just went out and tried to roll over some stuipd crooked ditches and so far so good. Moab is next.

if it rubs i'll get out the hammer. J/K I was going to do a shackle lift and wheel spacers next maybe.

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