how to install grommets in canvas?

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Oct 9, 2007
Norfolk United Kingdom
This is something I want to get right for sure! Been waiting a long time to install the top.

I purchased the canvas hole cutter and have been searching posts and saw the recommendations on how to mark the grommet locations on the canvas then go a couple 16ths higher for tautness

so for the hole punch I just lay it on a block of wood and whack it with the BFH? I read on a boat site to do it on the end grain or it can damage the tool?

Also the grommets came with washers and have little sharp tabs on them ---do I need a tool to install these securely ---like an anvil of some sort that bends the tabs or how did you do yours?
Is bending the tabs in with pliers an option?

Thanks---If you waited on the ESAHN top too I am sure you will understand how I want to get this right the first time eh?:cool:
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