How To Inspect Air Intake Hose?

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Apr 9, 2013
Hi Mudders,

For starters, I apologize if this is a silly question. I'm STILL trying to fix this darn intermittent hesitation issue I've had for over a year. :bang:

How exactly should I be inspecting the air intake hose? I have taken it off and looked it over carefully, but I'm reexamining things again in an effort to figure this thing out. Do you hold it up to light, attach a vacuum to it somehow, try to blow air through it? I don't really want to try and flex it too much, but should I be doing that?

Try spraying starter fluid around the intake tube (carefully) and if idle changes you've found a leak.
It gets dry and cracks at the "ribs" because that's where the tube is flexed most by the engine torquing, plus it gets hot.

In my experience I got a CEL saying the engine started running lean all of a sudden.
yeah, its cracks at the ribs and on the bottom part of the tube for the most part

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