How to get my tub in the right dimensions

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May 25, 2010
The Netherlands, In the Market Garden area
Hi fellow 40 lovers,

My name is Michael and I am addicted to FJ 40's.

Oemph that was easyer than I expected.

Oke now that that is out I will explain how I got in this situation.
Having an employer with a severe LR addiction I was bound to get affected by the 4x4 bug. Exept for the problem with my legs, they are to long for a Landrover Defender. That and the fact that a LC is a better looking car made me look for a B or FJ 40.
After viewing a few with more rust than metal I found a project that was already on the way and looked well done.

Well as many of you guys know there is no such a thing.
The good thing was that there were 2 FJ 40's in the barn and they where together for a long time so I bought them both. One is a '78 and the other a '81. The second one has a SOA and some other stuff like diff locks (don't know what kind). Unfortunately it broke a driveshaft going up a hill and went down sideways. The PO told me he flipped over about 10 times before landing at the bottom of the hill. So that one is going to wait for me to get more experience with working on a 40.

Back to the '78.
The technical part is mostly done, the PO is a rotating mechanic so I thrust the work is done oke. Haven't found anything wrong yet. The tub is a different story. They have sawed off the rockerpannels and rear fenders, exept fot the upper rim and then glue'd new ones on. A beam was put in behind the B pillars on the floor. The rear pillars are also "new" and they made a frame to support a floor in the rear. When I put the hardtop on I noticed a gap above the b pillars. When I started to look further I saw that the rear pillars where made taller by 0,25". They probably fitted everything in the previous position and made the rear pillars higher later on without trying the hardtop on again.
Than it started.

I had to take out the rear floor because they made it after a later model (probably the '81) which ment that the gastank could not be mounted. After that I had to cut the beam from the frame ( it was welded on) so I could rase it to eliminate the gap. This resulted in removing the rear fenders and finaly the rocker panels. When I tried to fit the spare carrier I found out that the height of the rear pillars is still to low and I decided to fabricate some new ones.

Now I come to the question.
Can anybody suply me with the messurements for a '78 tub.
I need the width of the front door opening(hinge to latch) and width of the opening for the ambudoors (top of tub) and the height of the rear pillars without the hard top.
Sorry for the long story above but I think it is the best to have as much info as possible.



added some pic's
P1020154 small 1.jpg
P1020157 small 1.jpg
P1020160 small 1.jpg
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I have a 79 if that will work, will get you some measurements but I need a little better description of what you want. From what edge to what edge.

Thanks FJforty, I appreciate your help.
The size of the rear opening without the hard top (barn doors)heigth and width, and the width of the door opening at the lock catch in the front.

This will help me to get a reference point and get this project on the way :steer: :bounce:

Thanks Guys,

This really helps me to get everything in the right dimensions.


I will start a thread on my adventures in a few weeks, after my holiday.:cool:

My wife won't go alone so I can't work on the cruiser.:frown:

kind regards,


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