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★ is in the wrong locale
Jul 2, 2003
Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia
Anyone else have their 40 Series bounce sideways about 2' or so, On Rural Bitumen Roads?

I guess it's becouse the Bitumen has sunk over time due to Trucks and as Trucks have a wider Track than the BJ40, The Tyres fight the inside ridge. :-\

I put OME HJ60 Dampers in the rear in late June and put Gabriel Red Ryder Gas Dampers in the front in early July, The Tyres are Silverstone AT-117 31x10.5 on ROH Trak II 15x7 Rims. - I got the Tyres September last Year. :banana:
:whoops: Should of also said that, It even happens at 80km/h and usually slow down to 70km/h for it to not happen. :eek:

Also on good Roads the BJ40 handles much better than the FZJ80, But the FZJ80 does'nt have the problem on bad Roads. ??? - Must be that the FZJ80 has a normal width Track. :-[
I think all swb have that problem of bouncing around on rough roads at speed.
I know those depressions in the bitumen you speak of but there is nothing you can do but steer around them.Costs a lot of money for a 4x4 thats good at everything.
check your caster, I'll bet that it isn't within specs

I found getting toein within spec to be important in getting some of the problem you speak about under control.
There are a number of things that could be contributing to this beyond the bad road.

Steering components that are worn or loose, not just the ends, but the steering gear.

Spring bushings missing or being worn out can cause this situation that you are describing, by allowing the axle to move side to side, and not keeping it mounted solid.

Another thing overlooked is the preload on the knuckle bearings. If these are worn and needing replacement, this can cause what you are talking about.

Having longer shakles up front, changing your caster as someone pointed out earlier is also an issue, as is having the shakles up front to begin with and the wider tire does not do anything to help with this situation, as it is more to control.

I would verify the operation and condition of everything.

You are running a old short wheelbase vehicle tho, it is not going to ride or handle like a newer vehicle or a longer wheelbase would...

Good luck!

Had the knuckle Bearings replaced a few months ago and I replaced the all Tie Rods and then got a Wheel Allignment. The Bushes look good and I recently re-torqued the bolts.

Most likely couse is that the Shackle is too long. - 75mm centre to centre. And if that does'nt fix it, Then it must be the Leaf Spring are stuffed.
75mm center to center...seems a bit short.. Are these aftermarket? I thought that factory ones were a bit longer than that...

Could be wrong...would not be the first time...

What about your steering stabilizer? You may need a good add-on one as well. If you have a rag joint check that as well. Have you adjusted/checked your center arm?
75mm center to center...seems a bit short.. Are these aftermarket?
No idea, Although they do look shorter than the Neighbours HJ47, But mine are on a fairly steep angle. :-\

What about your steering stabilizer?
Gabriel, Replaced back in early July.
You may need a good add-on one as well.
If you have a rag joint check that as well.
Have you adjusted/checked your center arm?
I adjuted it and then it was checked when it got the Wheel Allignment. I have since pumped Moly Grease through it.
Rag joint?

That is the piece that connects the steering shaft, from the column to the steering box.
Mine was worn slap out when I bought my cruiser. Made a massive difference in responsiveness and my ability to control the cruiser on poor roads after replaced. Have some one turn the wheel while you look at the joint in between the firewall and steering box (rag joint). If you notice play etc replace it.
Checked that before replacing the Tie Rods to see if it were it or further down the line.

Now to get the Shackles at a more respectable angle, Then maybe Leaf Springs.
I don't think you mentioned if this is something that just started, gotten progressively worse or has always been there.
I would key in on the center arm. Have someone turn the steering wheel and watch for excessive play.
Also, check your tire pressure. I have found that if I run too much pressure weird things happen. I run 25-26 lbs in my 35's and get good results.

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