How to clean a dirty diesel fuel tank (inside)?

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Feb 3, 2010
Copenhagen, Denmark

As part of my restauration process I pulled the diesel fuel tank. I removed the fuel gauge and realized that my tank is coated with some slime and additionally I see loose rust particles everywhere. How can I properly restore the tank again?

I would probably look for another tank if it has rust particles. There are special paints ect that can reseal the inside, but I wouldn't
bother. Is this the LH50 Hiace? The tanks are all the same from 82-88 and I think the ones with the Y engine would probably work, might need a hose blocked off or something.
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Do you have anything like what Eastwood offers?
If the rust isn’t too bad I would recommend something like this: POR-15 Fuel Tank Repair Kit

When I bought my G-Wagen it had a leaky fuel tank and I used that kit and was very pleased with the results. I also treated the exterior rust with a rust converter, then painted the tank with zinc paint and undercoating.

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