How not to repair an intake manifold

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Jul 26, 2015
So I was doing my usual preflight of the Cruiser a couple weeks ago and noticed a hairline crack in one of the mounting flange/ears on the intake manifold towards the back of the assembly, like the thread posted by HemiAlex recently.

Being that I removed the manifold and had it resurfaced about 6 months ago, and I'm currently immersed in trying to fix my A/C, which is the follow on to me trying to fix my cooling system, which is a follow on to fixing the carb....I didn't want to deal with it. I asked a few knowledgeable people about slathering JB Weld onto the crack and the likelihood of success. They each flatly told me it wouldn't work. Staying true to my lifelong pattern of ignoring prudent advice, I JB Welded it anyway. It didn't work.

Took the manifold off today and found a beautiful crack running clean through the ear and into the tunnel of the intake around cylinder #5. Took it to the local machinist, he's not committing to being able to fix it just yet - said he should know if it's doable within a couple days. Coincidentally he had a junked 2F sitting in the sun behind his shop complete with intake&exhaust. It's an earlier casting from an FJ40 I believe (17111-61010), but he said if all else fails he may let me disassemble that and take it. I'm de-smogged and have a bastardized EGR/PCV assembly below my carb on my current intake (61021). Other than making that work, are there any reasons the older intake wouldn't be compatible?





same thing happened to me. JB also didnt work for me. Currently has a beasd of hi-temp aluminized RTV on it till i can have it fixed. I feel your pain.

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