How much should this cost?

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May 12, 2008
Northern California
I am having intermittent starting problems. I have a new battery and my charging system seems fine. After reading posts here I think will I need a new starter or starter repairs. I have 112K miles on my 1999 LX470.

Since I am overdue on a timing belt + water pump replacement anyway, I am thinking of getting the starter replaced/repaired as well at the same time.

1. How much should I expect to pay for these repairs?

2. Can anybody recommend an independent Toyota repair shop in the greater Sacramento area?

Many thanks in advance!
Unfortunately while the water pump is a "while you're in there" thing with the timing belt (they require the same work to get to) the starter is on the other end of the motor and requires disassembly of completely different things.

There's plenty of threads on either for cost.
Better save your lunch money for those repairs, one way to save a couple of bucks is contact Dan and get the parts through him, you'll 25% off of list price and the only thing you will pay is for labor.
Got some quotes...(price includes parts+labor+loaner car)

TB+WP replacement Starter replacement
Lexus of Roseville 1200 1100
Toyota of Roseville 800 845
Independent (Service Outlet) 680 740

Thinking about going with the independent guy if he will warranty the work.
He is has A+ rating on BBB, with no complaints. The only thing I am worried about is that he is a Honda/Acura specialist, but also works on Toyota/Lexus. He seemed to know what he was talking about. The other two had terrible reviews despite the higher cost.
Are you in the midwest or Sacramento?

Personally, I'd save the money on a new starter and just put new contacts in the one you have. And I'd be even more thrifty and do it myself. It isn't that bad of a job. It takes some time, but it isn't horrible. I'm thinking it took me about 4 hours and I didn't have a FSM yet. I just winged it.
I checked with the Auburn people...similar prices to closer Toyota dealer.
They had terrible reviews on Yelp though. Also a good 1/2 hr drive away.

Do you know anybody with repair experience with them?

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