How much play in rear differential?

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Apr 20, 2004
I was about to put the cover back on the rear diff and noticed some play. Here is a video.

Is this acceptable, or do I have issues?

Thanks for the help.:beer:
I am of no help on this but mine is exactly the same.
Curious myself. Was told its ok but not sure.
That is your backlash. Not bad, can't tell if it is within spec but I am with the other poster when I say mine are just like that , maybe a hair tighter and run o.k.
the spec for the backlash from the FSM is .02 - .20mm. I just looked it up. If you have a dial indicator you can check it. this is from my manual on my 1979 so if yours is a 78 or older that value may be different b/c of different gear ratios. Best of luck
I have rebuilt a few cruiser rear ends. This looks pretty good to me. You don't want 'em tight or you will have major issues.
Not to unnecessarily resurrect an old thread....Okay, so that's what I'm doing anyway...:p Is there any way to determine how much play is acceptable from the ends of the axle at the hub? I'm half way through a rear brake job and I noticed that there is quite a bit of rotational movement on the axle, but I'm not sure how accurate measuring things from there is. I'm guessing that it feels exaggerated out at the ends of the axle and that internally, it's similar to the OP. Anyone familiar with this?

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