How much more lift???

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Jun 17, 2009
I have a 1971 Fj40 that has a 4" skyjacker lift, 33x12.50 tires and uncut rear fenders. The rear tires rub at minimal flex and I am thinking of using extended shackles to gain the clearance needed. Any thoughts on how much higher I need to go to accomplish this?

I have seen several guys on here that run 35" tires with a 4" lift and one inch of shackle lift. (2" longer than stock) not sure why you are having a rubbing issue. Some of the guys with 35's trim a little or have extended bump stops though.
I think the problem is the combination of uncut fenders and 12.5" wide tires.

More lift (shackles or body) or limiting up travel with lower bumpstops seem like the easiest choices. Another choice could be wheels with more backspacing to tuck the tires inside the rear fenders. I have no idea how much backspacing you would need, but it would probably be 5" or more. This puts the inside edge of the tire closer to the inner fender and could result in just as much rubbing, just in a less conspicuous spot. I'm not a fan of body lifts or stupid long shackles.

If your fenders are already damaged from rubbing, you might consider trimming them back and maybe flares. New flares likely come with a template to get the cut right. If you don't use flares, make your own template of the OEM opening so you can duplicate the correct lines of the opening at a higher, and maybe wider location. Some have done this so well it's hard to tell that it's even been modified. Someone had a very instructive thread on doing this right.

I ran 33 x 10.50s on 15x7 wheels with 3.5" of backspacing with no rubbing on my 40 with uncut fenders and 2.5" lift springs many years ago.

Any chance you don't have 4" springs?

Post some pics if you can.
I think the problem is the combination of uncut fenders and 12.5" wide tires.

although I ran 12.5s only for a few months, I am inclined to agree - they rubbed the fenderwell with stock height bump stops

also, when the springs are sagging, a 4" lift is no longer 4 inches - I compensated for that by longer shackles

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