how much monstaliner for rear bumper and sliders

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One probably will but get two. You can also call them and they will tell you exactly how many square feet one quart will do. One thing to take into account is that you will need to scuff the metal thoroughly or it will chip off over time. Monstaliner is not very flexible it actually chips with a hard rock strike. I covered my off road trailer with it. The front of it is chipping where rocks have hit it from driving down gravel roads. Overall though I love the product.
i think one quart would do it... a gallon is definitely too much.
Honestly I wouldn't do less than 2 quarts myself, but it also Depends on surface area man. My gallon kit didn't go as far as I had hoped when I did the lower third of my cruiser, definitely thinner on the driver rear than the rest of the body, just the order in which I applied it. But got 2 medium coats in most places. I am going to order another quart to finish my door jambs, and probably 2 raptor liner tintable kits to spray the whole cruiser this summer. Talked to a chemist from UPOL and they said that after looking at Monstaliners composition their stuff won't have any compatibility issues and they even gave me advice for spraying it on as smooth as possible to try to mimic paint, don't want the whole cruiser textured .

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