How much is upper dash pad worth?

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Jan 20, 2012
Good shape, only 2 small cuts (about 1/2 inch each), one in the middle on top & the other at the right end on the corner.

I bought a new one when Cruiser Corps had them on sale. Not sure if I want to sell this one or just keep it.

What is it worth in this condition?
ive got good money for those that were clean and original.despite what after market ones sell for they seem more popular than original ones that are 40 years old.
I'm not sure how much a new one costs, however, a vintage dash cover in great shape should be worth between $35 - $45, IMO.
Do a search of the classifieds. I have seen a few in this condition. HTH.
I'm not sure how much a new one costs, however, a vintage dash cover in great shape should be worth between $35 - $45, IMO.

Should be or is? :confused:
New one is $575
Reproduction in link above us $275

And my used one is worth $35, really?
Thought I might sell it, but for that I'll just keep it as a spare.

It worth much more, don't worry. I would guess $150-250, depending on the condition of the underside. Like I said, do a search of the classifieds.
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ive sold a bunch of those on ebay and they dont bring large sums of money.35 or 40 bucks is about right for one that is damaged.put it on ebay or what ever for 200.00 and see what happens ,never know someone might buy it for that.trying to give you an estimate is a crap shoot at best market is down right now and its summer.try selling it in the winter when folks are working on thier trucks.
I sold a nice dash pad from a 1974 Bronco for $145 a few weeks back. It had some blemishes, but no slices. Still, I can see yours fetching $100 no problem. Decent interior parts for vintage 4x4's are worth a good penny. Check out the FJ40 floor mat thread. Some knucklehead bucked up $520 for an OEM front mat.
$100 easy. When I was looking for mine, I would have considered that a steal for an original in good shape. I'd have spent $150 and maybe more with some arm twisting.
Its only worth how much someone is willing to pay.
Someone doing a original restoration would pay $ for a NOS or undamaged OEM pad. Of course, less for a damaged one. SOR wants $600 for a new OEM pad. Overlays are $65.
I tend to hold onto cruiser parts, it always seems somewhere down the road I'll need it. Kicked myself in the rear many times for getting rid of parts.

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