How much is too much? Time to go tube?

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Apr 9, 2003
Libertyville, Il.
Time to do what I have been talking about for way too long. After my last weekend of wheeling I broke both rear lites, crunched the passengerside front fender, took chunks off the rear fender flares, and crushed the passenger side rock slide.
Time to cut the tub off but not sure how much. I want to cut it by the door hing, remove the entire rear and somehow remove the front fenders.
I need to have a full cage for two up front and two small buckets in the rear, for the kids to take joy rides with dad.
I want to do it right the first time so any help would be great.
The time has come.
Here is the before.
MY plan, someday (and no, you can't steal it :flipoff2: )

keep door frame, cut all sheet back of that....dove the rear to the stock tub opening, and use removable sheets on that. Create a custom "splash" guard behind the drivers seats. Leave most of the area behind that open for shock mounts, etc.

I "should" do all this in conjuntion with the 1/4 ellip rear project, but $$$ isn't quite there for the tube work. Plus, I've got at least a years worth of design ideas left to come up with.

My sheet metal is FAR worse than yours...hehehe

My front fenders are destined to just be removed...gonna keep the side skirt below the hood tho and just bolt that into the main tub and the bib.

Hopefully, my Hobbyist plates will be here soon...and that will "open" a few options for customizing...
I've thought about buying a set of new steel SOR fenders for driving around/showing off/resale value, and either building body-independent brackets for all the fender apron mounted junk so that it would be a quick job to change fenders in and out. Both my current fenders have some rust and one is bent up from a tree wacking it. This way I could have it look stock/nice drivin around and if I need to sell, and have some cut up/bent up ones for wheelin with side flood lights and such. (Would just run no fenders but need some mud protection).
This might be an option to your fender problems. There really isn;t much mounted to the fender aprons that couldn't be easily moved or mounted to side of engine.
Could do like I did on my old rig, went full exo cage. I kept the tub, but you could use a simular cage design and leave the tub out. I would make the front hoop go right into the firewall instead of outside it like the exo. Also I made the fenders out of cage material and just capped with cut down stock sheet metal. These pics will give you ideas, just build it where the tube used to be and not outside of it.



The write up is still on my site onder modification and I think is still linked on the tech links here.
The photo only shows the rear of the FJ40, but this one is cut directly behind the seats so he can have functioning doors. The owner is Rob Wicket from Iowa. Just another idea.

Thanks to all and keep them coming. I am saving them all to create my version.
The exo cruiser was at the badlands several years ago with a ripped off rear spring hanger as I recall. A long time back but I remember thinking it was a great idea. Now I know who owned the thing ay cruiserrg?! I think you are in the club that I am. I am the FIB with the place in Wabeno. We'll have to meet some time soon so you can give me more ideas.

The pic of the yellow rear looks cool and interests me cause he was able to keep the doors. I like running doors for some stupid reason.
Yeah I had a bit of trouble with that rear spring until I limited the travel of the shackle. I don't remeber if I had the exo-cage then. Well that rig is gone now, and I'll miss it until I get the new one done.

And to answer the original question, the only reason someone could have too much tube is if it was too heavy. I can't wait to finish my full tube chassis cruiser.

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