How much for hardtop? Cruiser OCD taking hold.

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Jan 17, 2006
How much would be a good selling price for fj40 liftgate style hardtop with absolutely no rust(with the gate but no side doors, all glass and rubber included). I love the hard top but i with thinking if i could find a way to scrap together the funds for a fj55 i could just drive that when hard top weather rolls around:D. I had a ride in a Pig the other day fell in love.
Besides my 40 needs a friend now that my fj62 has gone to crusier heaven. It couldnt pass inspection and my parents gave it away to charity (with a rebuilt engine):frown:. I coulda bought two cruisers with just the good parts from that one.
I know the prudent thing would be to wait till I graduate in 9 months and have an income, but what fun would that be. Besides i got cruiser OCD and that last option is not realistic.
East coast, good shape no doors, $400 or so. Just my guess. The later model ones with the split rear window are worth more than the early ones. The nice lift gate is a plus.
ive found em for 200

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