How much for an FJ40 paint job inside and out?

Jun 7, 2005
I'm curious to know how much it would cost for a full inside/outside paintjob on an FJ40. It would really make my search easier if I didn't care so much about the original color, knowing I'd paint it anyway. I don't need show quality paint, but definately something that looks good and will last. So for a full color change, anyone know?
Jan 8, 2004
Santa Rosa Valley, CA
You should be looking for a truck that has never been repainted. Stay away from one with a fresh coat of paint because you won't know what is underneath until it's too late.

Real cost to repaint is all over the map. How much rust needs to be repaired? Who's doing the work? Are you OK with someone taping off everything and just spraying over the existing stuff, or do you want to take everything apart, remove the old paint, and redo it all?

You could do it for $70 bucks yourself with spray cans or it could run you $6000.

Just find the best 40 you can afford. Get one that runs well and has very little visible rust. Worry about the color later.
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