How much does your FJ Weigh?

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Jul 24, 2007
Denver, CO / Newport, OR
This should be an interesting thread.

Curb Weight: 4WD Auto 4295
4WD Manual 4290

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating for the FJ Cruiser 4WD is 5570 lbs. GVWR is the maximum allowed weight including passengers and cargo.

Please list weight and mods.

Mine is in my garage back in Denver so I will have to weigh it later....
As measured at the public scales.

5140 Total weight (2820 Front / 2320 Rear)

3-link SAC Fox coilovers front, Deaver 62's rear, Diamond Axles, Inchworm lefty and crawler, Demello bumper, winch, sliders, dual batteries and a bunch of other stuff, riding on 37" MT/R's on weld on beadlocks.
2007 my ARB front bumper+ 9500 winch, red eye rear, demello hybrid sliders, man a free front and t case skid, plywood sleeping/storage platform , 285 MTR's that is most of the heavy stuff lots more mods, remember my fj is just big boned and has a great personality at 5380 LBS

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