how much does it cost to replace timing belt?

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May 23, 2019
Lawrenceville GA
Hello Guys,

Recently bought a 02 Land Cruiser with 305K Miles. I dont have a record of timing belt being done so I am thinking I should get it done. How much can i expect to have it done for. I have read in multiple places to do the water pump at the same time while doing the timing belt. I will be getting the work done at the dealer. Thanks in advance :) I am close to Atlanta area.
I bought all the components for timing belt/serpentine for $500 and found a good independent mechanic to do the labor for $450. So, $950 all-in.
Note that it could be done for a little less, but i am replacing some parts just because.
To further complicate pricing, it's variable based on what's included in the job. Timing belt alone will be a lot cheaper than timing belt, water pump, tensioner, thermostat, idler puller #1 & #2, etc.

Also, if I were in the ATL area, I'd be going here:
Thanks guys !
The Aisin timing belt kit will come with the belt , water pump, tensioner and 2 idlers. You should never just replace the belt alone. I recommend you read my post in this thread. It will cost you far less to do everything at once and save you future headaches. Timing Belt for Dummies writeup
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I had mine done at a Toyota dealer with synthetic oil change and serpentine belt/tensioner changed as well for ~$1200. That included water pump. I think anywhere between $850-$1000 is a fair price.
I change everything that I can when in there, rad hoses etc. do the "T"s also as the coolant is drained. serpentine tensioner and idlers
all of that is easy to get at and it's piece of mind I'm closer to $900 in parts alone.
either way, it is 6-8hrs labor?
I'll second @aging fleet's suggestion - talk with ACC.

These threads can be like "how much does a house cost?" because of the range of parts considered part of a timing belt job.
Ironically I've found the Lexus dealership cheaper than the Toyota dealership in North Dallas for timing belt jobs when I called around a few years ago. YMMV, but might be worth checking with them as well.

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