How many land cruisers J4 were produced? By year and by model?

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Nov 20, 2012
Its quite interesting to know how many land cruisers "J4 family" were produced?
I've read about 1,1 mio cruisers. But I've never seen information about world production per J4 model / per year.

I tried to analyze the database of
So the idea is simple - I need to find for each model family the frame number (first, last, and by each year of production).

There are few problems in this task, for example the data is only for the cars after 08/1978. So I can not find the frame numbers for FJ42L 03/69-02/72. There were also special uncomplete bodies, some production in Africa etc etc etc.

BUT I tried to get some data! Based on this pure technical (and may be wrong) exercise I've arrived at 1,085 mio cruisers.

Here is what I've counted

Production numbers.jpg

So may me someone has a Toyota proved table?

PS may be @JohnnyC ?
Thanks a lot! But these numbers do not fit to the frame numbers. Plus they don't show the model production :(

Production mistake.jpg
The sor chart from what I recall has inconsistencies ... compare to the known vins in the registry

Look at Jan and dec productions

The charts I got are from toyota and therefor are toyota produced vehicles ... this may or may not include CKD vehicles

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