How many diesel cruisers in USA

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Jun 23, 2006
Bradenton Fl
I have a bj42 in Ct and I know other diesels have been brought into USA .Anybody have an idea how many diesel cruisers there are in the USA
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Seriously - I have no idea, and I don't think there is a way to know. I do know that none were sold by toyota there (that could be registered).
I think that's a bit much because we don't have that many left in Canada any more!:p

Factoring in vehicle age and a rough distribution of rust proneness across the country factoring in vehicle sales that would be highest in Ontario and Quebec (our largest populations) but also highest rust areas, would likely equate to an even distribution with a slight dip in Saskatchewan, Maritimes, and Newfloundland (they're 1/2 hour ahead) which would be about 50 per province.

OK, maybe we have more than that.... . whew! I was almost ready to assemble a posse and take some back! :grinpimp:
You can't have mine Rob, I just fixed the alternator! So make that 581

Yeah, but that 5spd is still on the correct side of the line, oh and look, I need one! :idea:
Ouch that hurt...

Ouch that hurt...


Don't worry. I know where you can find an orange 40 close by my place. The guy is never home. Always working somewhere down South. Probably wouldn't miss it for at least 4-5 days if you timed it right. :D ... Oh, I don't know about its alternator but I know it has a new water pump.

here's mine, from B.C. by way of Connecticut.
Mine came out of BC as well by way of Lethbridge so it needed some rust repair. This pic was taken by Esh down at Tillamook.

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