How Low Does Your T-Case Hang? Pics Please!

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Dec 1, 2009
Im putting in a 3b with 5-speed, using modified mounts...

My body is sitting too high.
Apparently so :)
Well, i'm going to drop the engine down a bit. I raised it up for some reason. I'll also drop the transmission a bit, though my t-case is already hanging pretty low.

I'm not exactly sure what is going on, but transmission hump is hitting the transmission, leaving the body several inches too high.

I used a 1971 firewall connected up to my 1980 diesel transfer hump connected to a custom rear, new rocker panels and a freshly built floorpan.... So maybe I welded the hump too low on the firewall, but I doubt that.

The other thing causing it to seem high could be an error in how I built the rear of the frame, but I traced out the old frame so I highly doubt this too.
My tranny was just touching the hump. After I moved the shifter hole it hit even less. Then I put a 1/2" lift on all the body mounts and that took care of it. It works well and does not hit and I have been driving it for awhile now.


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