How long have you owned your Cruiser?

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Just shy of three years.



ETA: And now, over 12...

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Bought new Aug. 28th, 1968, Huntington Beach, California, so I've had it just short of 45 years.

Jerry D.

Wow Jerry. That's awesome. About ready to sell it?
Bought this '72 in December of '76 for $2,450 (34,000 miles on it)

It's on its 3rd V-8 and here's how it looked when we did the frame-off in 2009.
Not selling, as my wife found out it would be cheaper to bury me in the Cruiser than getting a wooden casket.

Jerry D.
I got my 40 shortly before Christmas 2004 - so it's been more than 8 years :steer:

the places it took me to, the sights I saw, the people I met and the friends I made: immeasurably cool experiences :cool:

I also now have all kinds of information stuck in my head that I never really needed :rolleyes: :lol:
A little over 8 years :)

My first one just over thirty-nine years. My lastest just over two. A bunch inbetween. Owned one for over nineteen years and have never even started it. 73 FST that was offered to me at a price I just couldn't pass up.
Have been Cruiser Fan since in the early '80

This is my third FJ40 that I have owned recently.
The first one owned since the 80 to 87 (sold)
The second one owned from 2000 - current.
The third one owned from Feb, 2013 - current

This pic is from my third cruiser
October 1980 I got my '74. Since then I've had a '70, '71, '75 & '76. They are all gone, only the '74 is left.
TLC Shadow.jpg
My troopy I had for 17 years, my '83.US spec fj40 I had for 14 years and my LX I've had for almost 8 years and counting. Of all my cruisers, my LX is my favourite. I've had over 20 others but for fairly short periods.

My folks bought a '72 brand new and it's still in the family.
Proud owner of this crusty gem from 1975 for a year in June. It's my first FJ40. Only took 7 years of saving to get it! :clap: Probably makes me one of the newer 40 owners (and younger, since the truck is 11 years older than I am) - but I'm hoping to keep the east-coast rust out of this one for another 45 years or so. To date still the best, most ill-advised purchase I have made! :steer:
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33 years this fall.

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