How long have you been restoring your truck?

How long is it taking you to restore your truck?

  • Over 1 year.

    Votes: 19 30.6%
  • Over 2 years.

    Votes: 16 25.8%
  • Over 3 years.

    Votes: 26 41.9%
  • Had good intentions when I started, but I eventually sold it off in parts.

    Votes: 1 1.6%

  • Total voters

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Jan 7, 2004
Santa Rosa Valley, CA
How long has your truck been sitting in your garage/yard in pieces? Be honest :) I'm closing in on year 1 and at my current rate I should be completed sometime before 2010!
LandCruiserSteve said:
If you're talking about an ongoing Cruiser project of any sort, there is literally no end to it. :rolleyes:


Started three years ago. As you can see i didn't have a lot to work with, but its cumming along.
Many of us have multiple Cruzah projects. That bein sed, my '73 40 is about 98% done, my '72 55 is about 60% done & my '78 40 is, well, it's piled up in different parts of the basement awaiting some freed up space to begin the buildup.
LandCruiserSteve said:
If you're talking about an ongoing Cruiser project of any sort, there is literally no end to it. :rolleyes:

mine was sitting for a few months, but I try to always keep it driveable as I use it alot. After alot of blood and elbow grease I let it go.... It just need dependant...
I doubt a lot of the folks that would pick the last option in the pole are still on MUD. 4 years on mine but that included lots of down time in the middle. No idea the total number of hours.

Never ending? Indeed!
18 months and counting. It was in pieces when I got. After throwing lots of money in it's direction, it is closer. I have never driven it on the road. Install metal tech and paint, then drive.
Purchased mine Sept. of 2001. Took it apart and put it it back together , was able to drive it first time Nov. 2003. Lot's of late nights and weekends. The last six months were the hardest. Felt like it would never be done.
Keep at it.
I baught my FJ40 December, 23 1999 drove it around until march 2001 when I began to rip it apart for restoration. I'm still pretty far from completing it but the rig has come a long way from when I originally got my hands on it. My FJ"65" project I've only had for a little over a year, not much has changed on that.
i have'nt touched the '75 i was working on in probably 3years, at that point it had been going at 2yrs.

times have changed, note the F engine, it came with a v8 swap started. at the time all i had was a few F's, now i have those plus a few 2F's laying around.
I have 2 trucks that are in some stage of restoration, but on the other hand, they both run and I go to work with them on alternate days. It's cool.
Wow, where to begin?

I've been at it for over three years, but the end is actually in sight for what I'm doing. I got the '76 with a Ford 300 in it, stock trans, SUA, 31's, and rusty interior. Since then, 35's, SOA, SR, 350, SM465, Warn XD9000i, and Gozzard fiberglass tub-fenders-rear half doors.

I'm currently installing the tub and other goodies (been waiting for it for about 8 months), only to take it all apart again, paint it, and then reassemble everything. Various other bling has occured over the years, including Con ferr rear seat, new front seats, custom heater, locking dashbox, CCOT center console, aluminum radiator, Besttop Supertop, Metal Tech full cage-stinger-noseguard, tilt steering column, and probably some other crap I can't remember right now.

Don't even ask me about cost.........I refuse to add it all up. My biggest thing is that I'm building it the way I want it and will be able to pass it along to my daughter or son someday in the WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY off future as long as they agree to NEVER SELL it.
well, I have owned mine since mid '93... I blew up the motor in 94 and it sat till '05. not that I do not love my cruiser but it was in a diferent state so working on it was difficult to say the least. I have started trying to get it road worthy and legal. starting out with the small stuff like working wipers. tires that are not dry rotted ect. the poor truck has been broken longer than my last marrage lasted. ( ex was jelous of the truck so I could not spend money on anything related to it.) it will take alot of work and I will ba asking alot of stupid questions but I think it is finally headed in the right direction. as soon as I can convence the wife to let me get a star and have her teach me how to post pics I will get some on here so you guys can see what I am working with!
Bought mine in July 04 and it was gutted by the next day. Still cant keep it running regularly or get my to do list under 1 pg long.
Let's brag about procrastination. Are you looking for sympathy in numbers?


I think the question should be how quick did you get it done and done right. Shows focus and priorities (said sarcastically).

I third the never ending comments! There is always room for improvement plus peoples' intended use change over time. Good luck.
9 years and counting. Started as a 250 I-6 on 31's currently 350-h55 35's locked F/R, PS, aftermarket buckets, al radiator, etc. etc. etc. Get it running for awhile and find another reason to take it apart.

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