How hot is a 2H

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Nov 1, 2006
Boston, MA
Does anyone know what the coolant temp on your average 2H runs at? I need my veggie kit to get up to 160, but right now I only get about 130. I am thinking about adding a heat exchanger, but want to know what sort of temperature bump I might be looking at.
I think (not sure) that the exhaust actually gets TOO hot to heat veg. There is a bell curve of desirable temperatures with 160 F seeming to be the optimum in terms of viscosity, and lubricity. I think if it gets too hot, it starts too lose some of its lubricity, and beyond that I think really hot fuel delivered into the IP and other things is not good.
I have a mechanical gauge and my coolant runs between 140-170 degrees. Only time it got any hotter was when I had one of the hoses burst. When I'm pushing the car up a long steep hill, I've seen it get close to 180- but thats rare.

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