how hard to install a clutch?

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Jan 4, 2003
Oxnard, CA
how hard is it to install a clutch kit? i have been able to do pretty much all the work on my cruiser thus far, but i dont know if i should undertake the clutch replacement, never having done clutch work before, or any tranny stuff, for that matter. any thoughts?
I would say moderately easy to marginally tough. The hardest part I find is removing all of the junk you have to to get to it. If you have taken off tranny/transfer before, you have done a large part of the job.
I just finished replacing my clutch this last weekend.  I had never done it before, and did have a good friend who is a mechanic help me.  It wasn't really all that hard, but there were a few things that I would not have known, and would have taken a lot of time without his help.

I didn't own a slide hammer and needed one to remove the pilot bearing.  He also knew little things that just made it a faster job.

Don't forget to have the flywheel machined while you have it out.
as long as this isn't your daily driver(and you have plenty of time i.e days),and you have a haynes manaul(or something like it) , a fair amount of metric tools ,a decent amount of mechicial (as well as common) sense and willingness to learn and a buddy with a strong back, you can do it, on the street even. although a garage would be much nicer.

i'll be doing a 60 with in a week or so.
Did my 60 a couple months ago. It is physically hard, but not too technical. You can do it. It took me and another guy a full Saturday. We did not have a proper tranny jack, so the balancing act is not that fun. Plus we were drinking beer. Change the rear main seal, tranny input seal, and your pilot bearing while you're in there (they're too cheap not too). Although with 208K on my 60, the seals looked immaculate. Thats why we like Toyota's I guess. :nono:My one piece of advice, make sure to put the tranny in gear before you take everything apart. Because on reassembly, trying to aligning the clutch splines to the input shaft is ridiculous in nuetral. Spent over an hour there (maybe the beer had something to do with it). :doh: Cost - clutch (Aisin kit) $200 +~$15 seals + beer.
I didn't own a slide hammer and needed one to remove the pilot bearing.
Sometimes you can thread a long bolt into pilot bearing. The bearing is soft (bronze) and the right size bolt will thread in until it bottoms against the crank. Keep turning and the bearing backs right out.
Hey, Theo,
Thats a good suggestion. I am going to replace my pilot bearing this weekend. About how long did that bolt need to be?
Other method is to pack the hole with grease and hammer a socket into the hole to drive the bushing out.

Clutch replacement is not technically challenging, nor does it require fancy tools. It really helps to have an assistant. At a minimum they can call the ambulance if you drop the tranny on your chest.

It's a good time to rebuild the master and slave cylinders if they've not seen any attention.
Hey, Theo,
Thats a good suggestion.  I am going to replace my pilot bearing this weekend.  About how long did that bolt need to be?
The last one I did was on my 350 Chev. Maybe 2 1/2 or 3"? Can't remember for sure. Also, you can tap the pilot bearing for a larger bolt and better grip if the first try strips out.
Is it possible to do the clutch swap without removing the tranny hump? or do you have to pull that and support the trans through the iterior of the car? I have to do this repair in a couple of weeks as well.
Didn't need to do a thing with the pilot bearing. It Fell Out!
wasn't seated, bent a little. Good thing I got in there while I was fixing a tranny seal leak! :eek:
Didn't need to do a thing with the pilot bearing.  It Fell Out!
wasn't seated, bent a little.  Good thing I got in there while I was fixing a tranny seal leak! :eek:
The best method of all. Use the mind-bending power of suggestion and watch the little bugger jump out on its own!!

I have some piles of bark and rocks and gravel and stuff that need to be moved. Could you come over and "help"?? :G
I don't know if you have completed the job or not, but:

an easy way to get the tranny out without breaking your back is to take 2 ratcheting tie downs and make a cradle support under your transmission. Attach each side to the frame and tighten down untill you get it snug. Once it is snug, loosen all of your bolts. Once this is done, and you are ready to lower the transmission, put a jack under it and step it down little by little. Replace all the parts, then all you have to do is raise the jack and tighten back down the straps to level and center your transmission and bolt it back up. It was much easier than trying to balance it on a regular 3 ton floor jack and the tie straps keep it centered and in place while you put the bolts back in. :beer:
You don't have to pull the bellhousing off to take the clutch out...just take the covers off the bottom of the bellhousing...i would take the one on the bottom off and the one on the oilpan side off too...makes it easier...


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