How hard is it to swap out the ignition lock cylinder (1 Viewer)

Oct 13, 2009
Bump. I've ripped everything apart that I can, short of removing the steering column. It seems like it's held on by two allen-headed bolts. Is that really all that's holding it on, or am I in for a surprise when I yank it?
Mar 21, 2008
Vancouver, BC
Are you trying to just remove the cylinder or the whole lock assembly? The following is the procedure for removing the cylinder. If you're trying to remove the whole assembly, do a search for "Busted Ignition"

"First remove the plastic cover that sits under the steering column which houses the rear window buttons, the gas fill cover and the hood latch. Remove it completely for easy access. Four Philips screws hold the two latches. Four electrical connections also need to be disconnected. Also remove the metal plate held down by four 10mm bolts. This gives you better access.

Remove the black ring that's around the ignition (one Philips screw) and place it to the side.

Now remove the key cylinder by inserting the key to the ON (or somewhere between ON and Acc) position and push a small screwdriver or a small punch in to the whole underneath the housing to release the key cylinder."

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