How good of a deal am I getting on this 97 Cruiser w/ lockers

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Jun 20, 2012
Moscow, Idaho
So my uncle has a 97 cruiser with lockers. Only 97k! He about it off a lady whose husband had passed away. He bought it in Cali in 98 and owned it since. It had been in a nasty wreck and he bought it with a salvage title.My uncle, who has had it for 4 years, says it shakes a little between 60-65 and that the blower motor is intermittent. I am going down to look at it this weekend. He says he'd sell it to me for 3k. Anything I should look for besides that it really does have lockers? Worth taking it in to a place and have them look the frame and suspension over? I appreciate your help in advance and hope to be spending A LOT more time on this board.:)

p.s. The plan is for this to be "my wife's car" and while I gradually make it mine!
Terrible deal. In bad, I should take it off his hands to spare anyone else..

Nah just kidding. It's a great price for a '97. Depending on how much money you have and what you will be using it for, it is probably worth having someone look over it for you.

The shaking could be worn suspension/steering components, birfields, a wheel bent/out of balance, tires, drivetrain...list goes on and on...

The FAQ is a great place to start, as is Slee Offroad's website (they have an article...80 series for newbies..)

Good luck!
IMO i would never buy a wrecked car unless i buy it wrecked already. do you know who did the repair on it? and if oem parts were used? taking it to a frame shop is what i would do if you really want the thing. lockers are not to rare, you could easily find another rig with lockers.
Thanks for the insights and resources. You know I've never owned a car with this few of miles, the nice leather, and on top of that the room for the kids and lockers and i am in heaven. I'll make sure to do some research and take it into a autobody place to have them check it over. Again thanks for the insights and I all the writeups and info that you post on here.
Just buy it...

...before someone else beats you to it!

Are you kidding me; a 97 FJ with 97k miles for $3,000??? Part it out if you buy it and don't like it. Another reply says to keep looking that these aren't rare - sure at $15,000 these aren't rare. Perhaps the person posting that reply missed the part about THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.
Just buy it...
There is no perfect truck out there. As long as you're willing/able to do the work necessary, it will be a great truck for a long time. That's less than half of what I paid for my UNLOCKED '97 with 100k more miles than yours 4 months ago...and I got a good deal. If it has been maintained well, throw the switch and do it.

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