How do you test a transfer case with no linkage?

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Jun 30, 2007
Lafayette, LA
I'm going to pick up a FJ40 next week. Here's a link to a thread with pics.

The problem, it has no transfer case shifter. Volunteer, here on mud, did alot of the work on this truck for the PO's PO :D and as far as I know the 4wd was legit a couple of years ago. It has the toyota 3spd transfer case, 4 spd transmission, and a 350 sbc. The truck is a '78.

How would you go about testing the transfer case without a shifter?

I'm taking it home whether it works or not, but I'm also trying to figure out whether I should buy a normal linkage or go with the AA twin stick. I have no idea if there is any portion of the stock linkage on the truck now.
it's easy............

lay down on your back look up and find the lever push it foward and your in low pull the little bar thing sticking out with a groove in the end and you'll engage the front axle i used this method for 3 or 4 years every wheeling trip until the twin stick went in w/everything's easy you'll figure it out.................good might have to rock it back and forth to disengage since you won't have the motor running you got it.......:meh::beer::beer:
That's just the info i needed. Thanks! :beer: 2 U
the little shaft sticking out has a rubber boot on it..

the lever is on top of the case on the passenger side you'll have to reach up there to put it in low but you'll hear and feel a click...push back afterwards to return to high range don't forget to rock the truck by hand if it seems like it's stuck this releases the pressure on the drive train ( kinda like shifting with no clutch..) and don't forget too lock the hubs during the test drive this will ensure all 4 wheel drive parts are working.......nice looking cruiser have fun with it and enjoy a classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rick smith sacramento,ca/andover massachusetts.....:beer::beer::clap:new cruiser...

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