How do you remove output shaft from transfer case?

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Jul 11, 2014
I have removed all the lock rings (I think) and the shaft shifts back and forth along with the output bearing about 1/4", but won't fall out. How do I get this thing removed?


There a YouTube video of a couple guys doing this. Search YouTube.
Yeah Mud member @neatus has a vid.

If the lock rings are out it should come apart easily though. No press is needed.
Set it up on some 2x4 pieces, then use a deep socket on the end so you don't damage the thin tube on the end. Then hit it. Mine I took off a few weeks ago took a good solid wack to get it to move. Also, I held it on the 2x4 when my friend hit it. Took two people.
what is the tube actually for? is it just oil transfer? i crushed the end a bit. mine took more than a few wacks on my 96. i don't remember the 95 sucking anywhere near this bad.
looks like the tube maybe just goes into the center diff shaft. if so, i won't need it with a part time spool, but i'll get more apart tomorrow

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