How do the OEM's setup ring and pinions?

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Aug 30, 2007
NB, Canada
When I think about how long it takes me to setup a ring and pinion and consider all the trials it sometimes takes to get the preloads and pattern correct I know the OEM assembly plants must have some sort of automation to get the right pinion shim on the first go. Took 5 minutes to google it but came up with nothing. Anyone have information on this. More of a curiosity than anything.
When I was at the Toyota Auto Body Yoshiwara Plant in 2010, axle housings came to the factory flange to flange already assembled and they where then dropped directly into the frame--which was on a rotisserie and facing upside down.

Then the rolling chassis were sent to final assembly.

Almost everything about the whole process is automated. Very little is now hand done except for engine assy and final assy.

I would assume the R & P are 100% automated. No way Toyota would risk that to 50 dudes setting up R & P for a world market truck.

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