How Do Stock Hub Caps Fit?

Dec 26, 2008
I just bought some OE wheels with hub cap clips. How do the hub caps fit? Do you beat them on? Seems the O.D. of the tabs are almost too big? I guess you could bend the clips in some to make the fit easier. I think there is actually supposed to be a gap between the clip and the wheel? Just wondering if anybody has done this before. Hate to ruin my new wheels or my old hub caps.

Thanks, Ben.
hub cap1.jpg
hub cap2.jpg
hub cap3.jpg
Jul 6, 2020
Poulsbo, WA
/this\. I have the original wheels and caps from 1979. They are so tight I hurt myself taking them on and off. So I just keep the caps off most of the time. Dab of grease is necessary to make life easier.

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