How do remove the fitting from early plastic fuel line?

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Sep 13, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
I ruptured my fuel line pulling my tank out during a transmission swap. I can't figure out how to remove the fitting from the line. The bolt that clamps it down to the hose looks like it has some sort of inner ring. Does that need to be held stationary while the nut is turned? There's only a very small hole in there which would seem to make that difficult.

Any ideas?
Kinda hard to tell from your photo, but it looks like the hose may have just come off the nipple, you may need to put it back on and secure it with a hose clamp.
Nope, the hose is over the nipple and clamped down by the nut, but turning the nut just spins, so I can only assume that inner ring has to turn in relation to the nut. I put some liquid wrench on it last night and will try again today.
I should mention that the bits of hose you see are just remnants from where I cut it of the line (since it had a hole right by the fitting.
Well, I did manage to get it off with some wiggling. It looks like if the inner sleeve was able to be spun the nut could be turned to force the tapered sleeve to clamp the hose, once it started to back into the other nut (behind it, can't see it in the pic).

In any event, I took that nut off leaving only the flare and the other nut which attaches to the tank. Slipped a 1/4" fuel line over the flare and clamped with a hose clamp. Replaced the whole old line with the new. Still need to splice in a fuel filter pre fuel pump. As it is now the PO only had one after the pump.

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