How do I remove the parking light lens?

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One Bashed Up 80
Mar 27, 2003
I got as far as getting the trim piece off but can't figure out how the amber lens comes off. Can anyone help me?
What are you trying to do?

If you are trying to change the bulb out you only need to remove one screw then pull out on the light housing.
if you are talking about the front corner amber side marker lenses,then they come off with a screw inside the engine compartment then some generous tugging and they should pop out(the bottom has a pin type mount that pushes into a rubber grommet so it may take a little effort to get them out......)

christo's site shows how under the article about adding a blinker bulb to this housing...see it here:

shows pics of the mounting screw and pin that locks it in,should help you figure it out.......

The housing may need quite a bit of tugging. It may feel as though it is still attached by a screw somewhere. It is not. Once that first screw is out it is free to be pulled out.

Make sure you pull it out straight though. You could mess up the trim pieces if you pull it out crooked.
NO no I need to take just the amber lens off. It is broken. I have the whole housing assembly out of the truck and got so far as taking the chrome trim piece off but can't take the lens off. I can't see what is holding it on.
Ok thanks will do. :G
I just looked at the cracked one I took off my wife's 80, looks glued together. Want me to bust it open to make sure? It'll have to be tomorrow eve earliest. No point unless you have a new lense. I need the bulb connector that's on the harness, one of the copper contacts corroded away on this connector from all the water and salt getting in. I guess that's why I got the truck cheap.

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