How Do I Market an FJ62 Addiction?

Oct 14, 2006
Manhattan, KS
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After 18 years of FJ62 ownership, I now find it's time to move on. I know, I know; but if you look in my driveway, you'll see 2 FJ62s, an 00 Tundra & the NEW 97 LX450 (the 2 Samurais are in the garage).:bounce:

Obviously, my wife is understanding of the addiction - I was driving a FJ55 when we met. But I agreed to part with the FJ62s before we went to look at the Lexus.

So how do I part with the FJ62s? I ran an ad in the local paper & got NO calls! So the next route will likely be here on Mud and then eBay (have sold an 86 Toyota 24RTE 4X4 21' RV as well as parted out a Suzuki Swift GTi on eBay).

So what's my problem? Accessories! Which FJ62 do they go with, or do I sell them separately? Here's the scenario:

Our original 1988 FJ62 was purchased in 90 with 34K, it now has 172K. It was painted in 97, but the rust has returned with a vengeance = lower edge of rear quarter panels, LH dogleg, & bottom edge of both rear doors. A few years back I picked up all 4 doors from an FJ60, with the intent of a resto . . . .

The newest 1988 FJ62 came from Jim Sanville, Pueblo, CO, via eBay on 9/05, with ~132K and an ARB bull bar. We've run the mileage up to 139K; replaced the only rust (LH front fender); swapped the Hella Euros and upgraded the stereo.

Obviously, the secret plan was to keep both = tRUSTY has a Milford cargo barrier, deep well cargo cover & dog beds for 2 = dog hauler. My wife even agreed to that, since her new DD was rust free & had a like new interior.

Alternatively, we'd sell tRUSTY, swap its goodies into the new FJ62 & keep all the boxes of accessories yet to be installed, spares & cores in the basement. Then reality set in . . . .

I retired on a disability & after taking over 2 months to change out a seeping water pump on tRUSTY the truth that I am disabled came home to rest. Our favorite mechanic's shop was bought out for downtown redevelopment. And then it snowed, well actually 14 times so far this season. Now, this is usually an opportunity for any LC owner, but we have to complain in our situation: the township spreads salt on the streets in our subdivision. Not a biggie, most years; but this year we had an ice storm/sleet/snow on 10 Dec & there was continuous snow on the ground until late March! We drove tRUSTY under those conditions, but can't in good conscious keep a rust free FJ62 on our street; let alone own 2 62s I can no longer maintain to my liking.

Enough of the excuses; now a request for some ideas on splitting up the stockpile:

Toyota OEM repair manuals (3); Chilton Toyota pickup/land cruisers/4runner 1970-88; Gregorys FJ Series Petrol 1985-90

OEM FJ62 parts microfiche

Quality S receiver hitch (NIB)

Cruise control (NIB)

Fog light switch (NIB)

Milford cargo barrier w/instructions

OEM cassette

Master cylinder & starter (cores)

Mud flaps, hub caps, door panels, the list goes on & on

Other than rust & mechanical condition (both in baseline shape) what led you to purchase your FJ60/62 over another?

What should I sell with which FJ62? I can of course, split the OEM oil filters evenly; and the brown interior parts go with the brown interior tRUSTY.

Do I remove the Milford barrier & sell it outright (same goes for the other accessories/spares)?

THANX for your input & understanding that I'm moving on & not parting with the TLC community.

Happy Trails,
Nov 23, 2007
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I would sell the accessories separately from the rig with rust, as you are not going to get all the much for it. I would say to put some of them on the rig without the rust, but in your physical condition that may not be very easy. So just sell the good parts on their own and sell the two rigs, but don't offer them as a package, this will most often get you less money than you really want. Someone on mud may offer you good money for a package deal, but more than likely you will get hosed on Ebay.

Just my .02


Jan 5, 2005
Rogersville, Mo.
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Sell the trucks by themself. The extras will not bring you anymore money if they are included. They only time the accesories make a difference is if you have 2 trucks that are very close in quality and price. Someone in that instants would buy the one with extra's. If saying that the trucks need to have all its options. You can take off the bumper and sell the truck without some kind of bumper on it.

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