How do I get more lift out of my 100 series

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Nov 7, 2020
Denver and Atlanta
Some background…OME shocks, I think 886 or 887 springs(can’t remember) and 33in tires, along with the torsion bars cranked pretty good . I’ve seen a few 100s that seem to sit taller and I don’t “think” they have 35s.

Maybe I’m being a little OCD, but I wish I could get another 1.5 in on the rear and front.
(In my opinion)

Lifting the 100 series IFS more than ~2”, with off the shelf products, is really an exercise in futility.

With the limitations of the 100 series IFS, a body lift, a custom, one off, coil over front suspension, or a SAS are going to be your best options to get front lift >2”.

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