How do I fix this trim piece?

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Apr 20, 2017
Smashville, TN
Before I start prying on this to see why it's loose, I thought I would ask before I break something.

This is the black trim piece that runs up the sides of the windshield up to the roof rack. On the passenger side, the piece has popped up and does not sit flush. Pushing down on it (to get it tp "snap" back in place) does nothing.

I am worried rain/snow water is getting inside and will be causing more problems down the road.

How do I fix this? What kind of attachment system holds this in place?


Thanks, I'm glad to hear there are no clips. I have a roll of double sided 3m automotive trim tape.
A good chance you've a replacement windshield, where they reused the molding. Installer often use urethane to glue it down, which is a pain to clean off. Take care not to pull molding up to hard, it has a metal skeleton. If you can get perfectly clean and smooth you may be able to tack the end down with ~3" of your tape.

I like to remove molding and reset properly. See Bye Bye to The King: Windshield rust repair ++, and post #193 on Just scored a 2007 LC for some tips.
Here is what that piece looks like underneath. A new one. Has double sided-tape the whole length, but who knows what your's is held down with, if probably 2001LC is right that windshield was replaced and that piece reset by the installer. Most of that trim piece has metal inside the rubber molding, it will be almost impossible to get it back down correctly if you pull too much and bend that inner metal.
Mine does the exact same thing. Now I'll fix it. Thanks.

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