How do I decode my chassis number?


Dec 29, 2019
I just bought a rare 1963 crew cab sort bed FJ45. The chassis number is 3-FJ45-14455. WHAT CAN ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT IT?
Pics would be extremely helpful.

Maybe see if a MOD can move your thread to the 45 section? You’ll likely get more responses there since this is the FJ-25 or early FJ-40 section.

Only 2 types of 45’s were imported into the US in ‘63….SWB FHT and the LV.

SWB RHT aka Removable top (‘64-‘66)
LV (‘63-‘68)
SWB FHT aka non-removable top (‘62-‘65)
LWB (‘64-‘67)

You say crew cab? Do you mean it’s a 4 door? AFAIK there weren’t any 45 series pickup trucks from ‘63-‘67 that had 4 doors from the factory. The LV had 4 doors but it wasn’t a pickup (more like a 4 wheel drive station wagon). The cargo area is “short”.

It doesn’t appear that your truck has been listed in the registry here before. I have a feeling it’s a LV or maybe a modified SWB but without pics it’s hard to tell.

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