How dangerous is a leaking injector on a 2h?

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Mar 10, 2019
melbourne, Oz
So, wondering how dangerous and what damage can be done from a slightly leaking injector on a 2h? Besides greater fuel consumption.
In this instance (ofcourse it is not optimal) from either the hard line to the injector ,or under the return line, or maybe it was even a dodgy injector build between the injector housing and threaded top part of the nozzle housing (mid part of the injector housing between the 24mm and 27mm) (cheapest on Wrong of me to blame him as the injector in question belongs to the port I damaged.

Fuel is not bubbling in the port and looks dry down there, so I believe the injector is well seated in the head port.

I have ordered some uv dye to try and pin point the leak, it must be tiny, and takes a few minutes to squeeze out a drip, but this builds after a bit of a drive. I am wary of over tightening.

It could be the injector hard line olive below the hollow nut with a hairline crack possibly. Probably next place to try with a spare.

I tried changing over the hard return line with a spare, so that rules that out.

Can the diesel run down the injector port, past the injector and seals and then run through precup into the cylinder? Surely a pool would form above the injector if it is holding pressure?

I can still climb a steep hill at 2000rpm in 3rd gear which I have always been happy about. It is not particularly smoky either, you have to look for the little smoke. Starts fine and happy too, just gets a bit wet in that one spot.
yeah , not optimal. can't perceive a mist, appears as an eventual drip. I think I shall swap over the hard line with the olive end entering the injector next.
Don't think it is the olive now ,it is lower, either return line washer or dodgy injector. Strange really looks like it happens where the injector is joined, but the return line is so close to the injector housing junction, it is very hard to tell if it leaks from the return line washer or from the actual injector. The injector builder said he uses denso nozzles...jeez a pop tester would be a handy tool. I did check the injector assembly torque before installing into the block.

Can injectors be damaged and possibly leak from the midway junction? Seems unlikely, it has fine thread with good torque.
Must be return line washer.

I have to wait a good 5 minutes for the drip to develop whilst idling / revving and only can perceive it by blowing compressed air on it. It is a minute leak.
In that case I would order all new seals(washers) for the fuel return and replace them. I would continue driving it if you want to. Keep watching it. If it still leaks then probably will have to remove the injector and have it tested for leaks where it shouldn’t. I would probably snug up the nut for the fuel line to the injector just a tad more and see if that works.
But I’m no expert, these ideas is what I would do

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