How 'bout that FJ Cruiser?

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Overall I like it...not so much plastic tho and would prefer a front solid axle, but otherwise....
Only problem I see is that it will be expensive. A new Landcruiser right now is going for about the same price as a H2 Hummer. But I cant wait to see one in person.
Say it aint so, They need to market Wrangler competition, not H2 competition. Please GOD, make the IFS go away.
In all reality toyota is probably not trying to market this towards people who are actually going to take it off road, like most suv's. But, if you are in the market for something like that and want to have something that has a legendary heritage than I say get it. Kicks the crap out of a Honda element, although hopefully it will be in the same price range. It would be pretty cool if my wife and I had his and hers FJ's.
I think they should be selling the brazilian versions of the fj 40
in north america

I think they are called bandierantes they are pretty neat looking
Is that Brazilian model still made by Toyota or a Brazilian made copy? I also wonder if parts will interchange will the original FJ40.
I'm pretty sure they went out of production a year or two ago. They used M-B engines and Toyota body dies. No way to get one in the US. It wouldn't pass minimum safety standards for the mid 80s. Good thing our government is looking out for us. Without them we might just buy a car that was unsafe. ::)
While I chose 'change a few things', I like it overall... but...
the wife says no way, it's ugly.

but hey, she married me so she can't have much taste.
Hey, didja see the post by Tien Do on the LCML? There's a report saying they might very well build these for the US at either the NUMMI plant or at the new Mexico plant. I sure would like to see what a production version looks like.

A couple of years will work just about right for the end of car payment on my current fleet and my boy's 13 now so we'll need another Cruiser. HMMM

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