How are your hazards wired? Free ignition system to whoever solves this!

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Jul 2, 2003
First, thanks all who helped with dialing in the DUI. It runs like a champ now.

I did a run-through of the re-wire I just finished and noticed two "features." Painless tech support has been as useful as tits on a bull.

First, this is on a 74FJ40, so the light/dimmer switch has two "Power in" plugs, and 3 out...1 to the parkinglights, 1 to the dimmed instrument lights, and 1 to the low/high beams. The same "Power in" terminal sends juice to the parking light and the instrument light terminals. The way the Painless kit it set up, it gives power to the 2 "power in" terminals at all times. So, my dimmed instrument panel and dash light are on regardless of the key in the ignition. Dead battery ensues. Did you re-wire the harness and ignore their directions? Cut the connections near the fusebox and splice it into an "accessory" wire which is only on when key is in "run?"

Second, my existing wiring was completely hosed. The Painless kit has hazard flashers, but their kit isn't wired appropriately for the FJ. How did you make this work using their flashers?

THanks all
Re:painless victims, how are your inst & dash dimmers, hazards wired?

sounds like you have the wires switched on the switch
on my 71, the powers going into the switch and then the wires going to the dimmer (its on the floor so I think its different) are not included, i used leftover to go from the switch to the dimmer. dont splice it at the fuse, it should work using extra wires.
as for the flashers, on the 71 I had to run wires from the turn signal to the flasher switch (again not part of the harness, youll have to build it)
the painless is not a direct replacement and you have to make adjustments to make it work.
Mine's a little different...

My dimmer switch is integrated with the parking light/headlight switch and has 2 wires supplying power into it, both of which show continuity from the battery + post only when the key is turned to "run." However, when the battery is hooked up, they get power at all times(?!?!?!?!)

As for the flashers, I also spliced the wires which get "hot" when the hazard switch is pulled out into the "on" position into the turn signals at the column harness. It seems I can't ever get the hazards to flash, and I can only get the turn signals to work when the Hazard switch is pulled on.

It seems like I'm having a very specific problem with the 74 switch/turn/flasher combination.

Anyone else help? Thanks again thorvald.
Hazards solved, still need help on the Dash/imstrument lights

OK, I solved the hazard/turn signal problem by running both off the same flasher and bypassing the turn signal switch from the hazard "On" wire directly to the turn signal leads.

Now everything is set and ready to rip except the dimmer/instrument panel lighting. I am so ready to go, but I can't put things away until this is set!

Please help if you can:

The Painless wire harness for my 74FJ has the parking lights and the interior dimmer circuit (instrument panel and under-dash light) on the same circuit that gets power AT ALL TIMES. THerefore, my instrument panel is ALWAYS lit, killing my battery.

I want to wire my parking lights/dimmer circuit to something that is only on when the key is in and turned (ie, any accessory circuit) but I am concerned that I might overload another circuit and just keep blowing fuses if I just splice into something else.

How did anyone do this? Or can anyone tell me if I can run my parking lights & interior lighting off another circuit safely (such as Wipers or Heater)?

Thanks all
Re:painless victims, how are your inst & dash dimmers, hazards wired?

John, Only thing I really know about Painless is the one guy who bought it returned it. Your hazards, brake/stop, horn, cig lighter, interior light, pking lights and head lights all run all on all the time. Sounds like your switch is bad or the wires are reversed on the switch end. Stock is set up so 1st pos on switch is dash/parking, 2nd adds headlights. Do a continuity test on th switch if hooked up right.
Re:painless victims, how are your inst & dash dimmers, hazards wired?

as far as your dash lights, use a wire (not part of the harness) and jump from your guages to the headlight, connect it to the parking lights. that way its only on when your lights are on.

try turning the plug on your switch around, might solve the parking light problem, either that or you have them in the wrong place, or switch is bad.
Painless victims, hazards wired? Free ignition system to whoever solves this!

OK, I give up. I'm offering a reward of a working coil and distributor off a 74FJ40 if you can see me all the way through getting my hazards & turns working (and not creating any other unwanted "features!")

I got the instrument lighting fixed, but now it seems I didn't get the hazards whenever I signal all turn signals flash. Hazards work great though. They come on when the switch is "on" and off when switched off (as long as you aren't signalling)

Can someone please describe or draw out a generic hazard switch diagram? Assume I have 2 "hot" leads coming out of working flashers on the fuse box, a working hazard switch that sends flashing power to wire "a" (but not "b") when switched off, and flashing power to wire "b" (but not "a") when switched on. I have a working turn signal switch with one power "in," and one power out to the left front turn signal (which is spliced to the left rear turn) and one power out to the right front turn signal (which is spliced to the right rear turn signal)

Winner takes pick or both, pays postage.

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