For Sale (houston) cenntech (HF) 1500 watt inverter / 3000max

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May 29, 2011
Houston TX
United States
Test fit but never used - upgrading to a 3000 that I'm putting under the passenger seat.
$50 local
Wish you'd posted on Wed : )
Still need one ? happy to ship it for same - suspect USPS box will work.

ironically I decided to put the MTZ's up for grabs ...... going to run a street tread for DD and then get a set of OEM rims and some nasty tires for trips - likely those will be 37's.....

got my yotateq rear mounts and LED's on - really happy with the look and setup..... waiting on the Spod to wire it all - hoping tomorrow.

doing the ditch lights next but the hangover and cold temps make it a bit less fun....

cheers !
Wow. Many changes. Yeah the Duratracs rumble a bit but were great in the woods today.

Have been considering a pure sine inverter depending what my uses will be. How is the Centech will you buy another for the 3000?

Got on the trails today will post weekend pics.

I'm looking to fit it under the passenger seat so that limits options with the new Corbeau's....... the face needs to be low....

But as I didn't even use it I can't weigh in.... if I was planning to run techie machinery I'd do a Sine but my planned uses are more blenders and elec hammer drill etc.

Nice pics !

got some new toys today.... will post up - Indel fridge and JDM rear spoiler...but still waiting on the dang S-pod...
saw your latest post - will your 1500 power a hammer drill, and if so is it corded?? if cordless which do you use?

I've been eyeing a Milwaukee 18V high torque forever since I know it will blast through anything and doesn't need air

wheels and tires are great so far. contemplating additional lift, but going to wait a bit until the winch, poss rear bumper

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