house flood

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Jan 21, 2005
Powell River, BC
Anyone ever had to deal with a flooded house? I was working away in the backyard when the kids started yelling. I come in the house to hear water from the bathroom going full blast, then realized I'm standing in at least a 1/2" water.
The cold water line to the bathroom sink had ruptured and was spewing out water as fast as it could possibly go.
Not that the kids were concerned about that, they only yelled because they couldn't hear their movie over the roar.....

Anyways, I'm shop vaccing up the mess now. It doesn't look near as bad, but that's only because the laminate underlay has soaked it all up now. D'oh!

Yay for insurance, I'll be calling them (BCAA) tomorrow (closed now of course).


Fxxx! whew.there, I feel better.
I'll be doing that, he does flooring right? I'd imagine BCAA is going to want a few quotes.

I emptied my 6.5 gal shop vac 4 times. And the culprit was a 1/4" pex line that blew right off from the tap underneath the sink.
That sucks Jeff. While insurance will cover all the damage, it's a royal PIA to deal with all of the work, like you didn't have a busy enough life already. Sorry dude.
Yup - I didn't turn off outside water early enough one year. I turned it off while the pipes were frozen.

Next spring, I turned on the outside water, went to deal with something else and came back to a flood.

The line had broke in uninsulated wall above 2'nd floor bedrooms - flooded the ceiling. Ruined ceiling and 3 walls in 1 bedroom and carpets in 2. The restoration folks came in with a couple big dehumidifers and some huge fans that pumped air under the carpet (they lifted the carpet at the doorway and directed a couple fans underneath) - very effective. Insurance took care of everything; apprently it does cover stupidity - mine.
My dad's company often does insurance work. You'll want to find one or two fans like this:

They will dry out the underlay in no time at all.

Good Luck with the cleanup!

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