House fire totaled my cruiser

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Just to make it a little more painful...

I have all handwritten records from original owner. He bought it new in Van Nuys, CA and drove it for 10 years.

Truck was freshened up by TLC in Van Nuys and the second owner bought it from them and brought it to Texas. He drove it daily for 7 years, then as a weekend vehicle for 3. I have his huge stack of maintenance receipts as well.

I bought it in 2007. Went through the whole drivetrain except for motor or tranny rebuild. Lots of preventative maintenance and general repairs in that time.

I was actually considering selling it in the spring to let the next new owner enjoy it for another 10 years. Wasn't meant to be.

I would have preferred it if it would have been flattened like a pancake by the roof caving in on it.
I saw the pics... That cruiser still looks better than most. Keep it. There's no need to put her down.
I vote to keep looks better than mine and its a DD.
Am I missing something? I see a melted grill, vents, mirrors and some paint damage. I'm sure the interior smells like smoke but All that is fixable. What else is damaged and why did they total the vehicle?? Did the engine and drive train lose it's functionality? All those exterior pieces are easily sourced here in the classified section. Here's a link to my damaged cruiser and insurance co. fight.

fj60 wrecked today on the interstate
I don't see anything Totaled.
Get some Goo Off and maybe a buffer and give it a good scrub then wash with dish soap then rewax and get it back in the dirt.
wow, that sucks. good thing you and the family are safe...note to self; park cruiser on curbside...
Thanks for the input. I followed your whole thread g-man and knew you'd have some input.

Basically the inspector wrote up replacing every rubber or plastic part and re-sealing the entire engine, replacing every hose, etc. I'll see if I can get the estimate.

The interior hardly has smoke smell anymore.

The tar comes off suprisingly easily with bug and tar remover.

The only thing I've found that don't work are the windshield washers. I think the nozzles are clogged with tar or debris from the roof.

Even the headlight washers and the melted side marker lights work.

I've already bought a set of used side view mirrors from Jason at Cruiseryard.

Needs a new windshield but the original one was still in it and it was cracked already. I had a clean used windshield out of a 62 that was in the attic but was destroyed by the fire.

I have an amount in my mind that I would buy it back for but it's nowhere near $7500.

I am going to get a body shop and mechanic estimate to see about getting paid to repair it without it being totaled.
Dude, that 60 as-is is cleaner and nicer then mine.

Re-sealing the engine? Really? You have more risk for screwing stuff up worse then it already is.

Just drive the fawking thing and replace the melted parts. It's a tool, not a muesem piece.
I agree.

What do you think a reasonable "buy-back" or salvage price would be?
I would fight hard to not make it salvage. Essentially you're accepting payout for current value but we all know that this truck will only appreciate. But that type of title will severely damper its growth and become a detriment in years to come when/if you want to sell it. Most people see salvage and run the other way or want to pay 20 cents on the dollar. I saw a mint condition 60 go for 6600 on eBay last year because of a salvage title. It wasn't wrecked, perhaps theft. Had it been clean, it would have been a 12-15k sale.

Worst case, I'd do it all out of pocket. It's still cleaner than 85% of them. But try to get a few grand out to offset your costs.
15k isn't a bad amount for even a nice fj60. So that is one option, the other is a check for the repairs. Forget a salvage title. If you get wrecked after you have a salvage title you won't get much from the ins co. Also selling will be a drag.
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As others have said, this truck still seems cleaner than a lot of the beaters that show up on this forum.
Glad fam is safe, really that is all that matters.

Truthfully that cruiser looks better than most around here, mine included, and the insurance company is gonna rape you if you try and total it. Honestly take it to a good, well-known cruiser shop for what issues you may have and keep her.
Ok lets get something straight. He does NOT try and total it. The insurance company tries to total the vehicle. And btw...60 to 75 percent of the estimated value prior to the damage is what the insurance company total's a vehicle for. I really don't know what gives them the right to do this. It seems Like it should be your choice and not there's. So for example if a company values your vehicle at 10k pre-fire or pre -wreck..then if they can find 6K ot 7.5K amount of damage they can pass you off to the "total loss division". and they will try and cut you a check for the whole amount 10k. Rather than pay a repair co 7.5K and then at the last second get another bill from the repair co for more putting them over the 10k amount. Seems to me it should be there risk when they insured you. That sometimes repair bills go over. Don't just accept a"total amount" as something you have no control over. Ask for another appraisal by an local classic car appraiser. Throw out any appraisal done by CCC1. Ask for a copy of their appraisal and look over Every page and make sure they are comparing your vehicle to other local vehicles of the same condition. And btw after you hand over your title and keys they haul your vehicle to a salvage company and recoup 25 percent right there. I imagine if they can collect premiums from you for 10 years or more they already have banked the value of your vehicle. In my opinion insurers are Shysters!!
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The good thing is the value is not in dispute here. We agreed to $15,000 when I got this policy a couple of years ago. (although I had thought about raising it to $20,000 earlier this year as the price of original, clean 60's has gone up. Too late for that!) What is in dispute is whether the vehicle is repairable for less than the 60-75% of the agreed value which would be between $9,000 and $11,250.

I want to keep the cruiser so I can at least pass it along to someone who will restore or enjoy it in the great shape that it's still in.

I have some time to work through this- thankfully it was a 3rd vehicle for my family so I don't need it to drive right now. At the same time, i am having to work on demolishing my house and rebuilding as well as my regular full time job, so I have to be sensible about it.

I'm also not in a position to turn down any kind of settlement from the insurance company and pay to repair out of pocket or let someone else have it for 1/2 of what I had it insured for.

I really appreciate all the input. I plan on taking it to at least one local body shop to get their opinion on it tomorrow.
Best wishes @hank14 Hope everything goes smoothly and you can keep the Cruiser.

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