Hot Weather Stalls - FJ40 - 1978

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Oct 4, 2010
Fort Collins, CO
My stock 1978 FJ40 has stalled out and refused to restart during runs in the desert at 100 degrees in the shade. It ran well for a half hour or so and then lost power and died. After 30 minutes or so it started and ran as normal.

Old fashioned vapor lock or something more sinister? If it is VL is there anything special that can be done to prevent it?

Thanks for your comments.
Hi All:

Is the carb fan running after the rig is turned-off?


You need to give us a bit more detail- is it still turning over strong when you're trying to start it? Have you tried pouring a little bit of gas in the carb and see of it fired up? Vapor lock usually happens when the vehicle is turned off ( gas sits on the line long enough to boil/vaporize).
More Info.

Carb fan is not running when it is turned off. The engine is strong after it dies, it just won't fire at all. I have tried to start it directly without touching the accelerator with no avail and have tried resetting the choke by pressing the peddle down before cranking it. Neither of these has worked. The engine sounds as though it is not getting any fuel - just a guess as I really don't know.

As in the previous post there is no trouble starting it after about 1/2 hour of it sitting.

I'm not very technical about all of this, the whole thing is a challenge to my experience and skill set so at times I just don't know where to start or what information is needed...that's why ih8mud is so helpful to me.

Thanks again for your patience and help.
Get carb fan runnning. Check clutch fan see if its weak. Mike

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