Hot 62 ( need input )

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Jan 18, 2007
La Pine, OR
I don't know what's up. This is getting me so frustrated. So here is the scoop. I have a 89 62. The truck has never really warmed up properly since i bought it 1 year ago, so i opened it up to find that the tstat was toast. I flushed the system and replaced the stat with oem, and it started running just above 3/4 up the guage. Checked stat to see that it opend properly, it did so i replaced the radiator (from performance) and the truck still runs at the same 3/4 hot, very hot. pulled the stat out and now it runs just above 1/4. I thought maybe the water pump, it's making a slight whiring type sound but not screaching. The pump also is not weeping and does'nt seem to wobble with the belts loosend. There are no signs of coolant in the oil or in fill cap. Am i missing something or should i just kick down and replace the water pump?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :mad:
Start with a $30 mechanical guage and see if you are really having trouble. Thread after thread on this subject and almost always a guage problem.
are you sure you don't have any air pockets in your cooling system?

try rebleeding the system before changing any more parts...
I've seen a few mention the air pockets idea. Could that really cause the engine to run that hot? I'm sure it's really heatin up that much because it starts making that rattleing sound and runs like ***t. Does the normal running of the waterpump have any noise to it? I'm not really sure what's normal and not.
My bet is a bad guage or sender. use infrared thermometer to see temps of 1. t-stat housing, 2. upper radiator (inlet), and 3. lower radiator (outlet)

1. should be about 88 deg C (the thermostat temp)
2. should be about the same as 1.
3. should be cooler than 1 (amount varies by ambient temp/ humidity)


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