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Mar 12, 2018
Albuquerque, NM
I noticed several threads on here about horns not working, but did not see one that matched my experience exactly so I thought I would share:

My horn wasn't working on my 2003 LX470, but all the other steering controls were working just fine. Turning the wheel all the way either direction didn't activate the horn either. After about 60 bucks at the Lexus dealership, they said it was the junction box and it would cost like $1000 to fix, so that was a non-starter. Turns out it was the clock spring - was able to find one on Amazon for about $30 (like 300 less than the Toyota part). Thanks to @Ramathorn15 for helping me diagnose and replace it properly - he was able to ground the horn behind the clock spring and before the junction box. Hence the clock spring was the only logical explanation. Now I have a working horn with all other steering wheel controls still working too!

Strangely enough - the link to the part I ordered on Amazon is no longer there, but I will keep an eye out to see it comes up again and post it. Here is the complete name though:

Benches Air Bag Spiral Clock Spring for 03 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado-3400 AT, 04 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado AT, Lexus 04 GX470 AMT/04-05 LX470 AT/04 ES

Also - opening up the old clock spring we didn't see any noticeable damage - so it was likely that one of the inner connections of the ribbon was loose...hard to diagnosis and glad I didn't throw away 1000 bucks to replace a good junction box...thanks again @Ramathorn15 !
I think I have the same issue. Did you find any instructions on swapping the clock spring?
The clock spring kinda sucked to install with VGRS for me. I ended up just removing the tabs that control the steering wheel position sensor because I don't care about VGRS any more.
Is there something different to do with VGRS? I have a 03 LX.

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