Hoosier Cruiser 2006 Events Schedule/Tech Session held 1/14/06

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Cruiser Jimmy

Sep 15, 2004
Western Slope, CO
All, these are the notes from the meeting that we had on 1/14/06.

Also, if any member that was not at the meeting and needs to re-up their membership, you can Paypal me and I’ll make the deposit.

1) Welcome 2 new members Harley ---- / Martha ----- from Indpls, IN and Travis ------ from Champaign, IL.

2) Elections:
a. President: Clint -------
b. Treasury and Membership: Jim -------
c. Safety: AJ --------
d. TLCA rep: Chad --------

3) Set events for 2006 Trail Rides:

a. April 15th 06: Badlands Shakedown for GSMTR

b. Great Smokey Mountain Trail Ride [GSMTR]
May 15-20, 2006, Tellico Plains, Tennessee
TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by Southeast Toyota Land Cruiser Association
Contact: Roger Theurer, (931) 728-9625, or RgrTheurer@aol.com

c. June 15-17th 06: Coalminer Classic [unofficial HC event]

d. July 22nd 06: Slade Kentucky or Harlen, KY. Joining up with Rice on the Rocks and Bluegrass Cruisers. As long as there calendar is flexible for these dates.

e. September 9th 06: Badlands

f. December 2&3: Badlands to support Toys for Tots program.

4) Merchandise:

a. Two members taking lead on getting merchandise for the club.

5) Membership:

a. Club & TLCA renewals at the some time. By April 15th please be ready to renew or show proof of membership for TLCA. Club will plan to renew membership with TLCA by 4/15/06.

6) Treasury Change: Effective 1/14/06 bank account should be closed out by former member and open in Indianapolis.

7) Mike ------ will head the charge to contact the local deals around Indy in an effort to facilitate enthusiasm for the FJ Cruiser that will launch in early 2007. The general idea is that we will meet at a chosen dealer one night after work and answer questions to whom ever, included the 19 year old sales guy that thinks the FJ40 is a Jeep.

Well, I hope I did not miss anything. If so just email us back with the details.

Thanks and we’ll see ya on 4/15.

End notes of meeting.

To recap the tech that we did:
Dave --------------: new master vac, minitruck calipers on a 60
Dave --------: Rear locker in a minitruck
Larry -------: Bir job for an 80
Thanks to all that helped out.

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thanks Nick. I'll resend email and I've corrected the thread.
Hey....I know some people that know some people and might be able to help out with the Toyota Dealership. Rob Butler is a friend of my boss's and might be able to hook up with them at Butler Toyota. Let me know if you'd like me to ask around.

webelost said:
Hey Jimmy. What about Sunday Feb 12th? Still going to Attica?


Hey, I'm going. Don't worry, I won't forget ya.:grinpimp:

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