hooking stock gauges up to aftermarket senders.

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Feb 17, 2002
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I REALLY want my stock gauges in the 60 to work with the 5.0 conversion but am not positive if it is possible. I am going to get some aftermarket Temp, oil perss and tranny temp gauges as well but I absolutely hate dead gauges in a dash..

Has anyone had good luck making the stock gauges work with different senders??
I was always led to believe that the calibration would be off. I dont know for a fact because I have never tried it.
Don't think that will work. The sender and gauges have to be of "like minds". I think you'll find that the calibration will either be off or the guages may peg either all the way negative or positive. I tired that with the temp guage....I installed an autometer temp (electrical) sender and ran a jumper wire over
to the OEM temp wire..... did not work. Maybe someone knows different?
That is the way it seems to me as well. I am sure that the Toy senders basically have to provide a different output than the stock ford ones..
There is an "adapter" that allows you to use a stock temp sender in a chevy motor. But I cannot seem to find that piece right now, and secondly, I am not positive that it would work in a ferd motor anyway..

I do not want to T off of the oil press sender on the ford block, it is pretty dam long as it stands, and I feel that the added leverage could potentialy snap the extension..
When I was trying to see if my temperature sending unit was working correctly I heated it up in a pot of water and read the resistance from room temperature to boiling and have all the numbers.

I am sure the Ford sending unit is the same kind but the curve might be different. You would just need to add some resistors to get the cruve the same and it should work fine.

Does the ford unit just have one lead like the toyota one?

Why not tap the hole for the toyota sending unit or use an adapter?

If you remember who sells the adapter for the chevy, let me know.

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